Our Mission

STEMHub Foundation through STEM aims to increase accessibility to practical and quality STEM programs that may be hard to access by underserved or low-income communities within Ontario. We believe that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) exposure and increased scientific and technology literacy will equip Canadian youths to confidently pursue STEM studies and careers.


Individuals thriving in their careers unhindered by the barriers that propagate systemic under-representation of persons with minority backgrounds in STEM careers and leadership roles.


STEMing, over 24 stem education activities delivered, in the past year

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STEMskills over 18 career development training offered, within the past year

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STEMscholars,over 25 external and internal scholarships posted, within the past year

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Hard Workers, At least 15 facilitators are available at each time within the organization to take up teaching duties.

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How We Accomplish Our Mission?


Meaningful long-term partnerships with organizations, companies and individuals allow STEMHub Foundation to access premier space and resources to provide participants with the premier technology and quality instruction.

Scientific Discovery

We believe merely talking about science is not enough – hands-on scientific exploration and discovery is crucial to increased interest in science and scientific literacy.


STEMHub Foundation free one-time, monthly or weekly workshop held on Saturdays, Sundays and as occasional after school programs. The open enrollment policy does not discriminate on the basis of financial status or any other background.

Community Engagement:

We offer workshops as part of community events (e.g. booths at festivals, school board conferences, back-to-school workshops e.t.c.) to spread the word about how approachable STEM is through hands-on and safe engagements of participants to help tear down any negative stereotypes.

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