STEMing #Slime #3DPrinting

Before 3D printing plastics, first let’s learn about polymers! We had a blast creating our fluffy and regular slimes today!

Most of them are not new to slime but no one told them about polymerization, monomers, polymers, cross-linking, activators and non-Newtonian fluid.

We also explained that polymer engineering as a branch of chemistry / chemical engineering. Lastly, they learned that the plastics in their homes and in rubbers in their shirts are different types of polymers.

#STEMHubFoundation strives to expose our youths to the beauty of STEM and keep them aware about all-things STEM around them.

Don’t be a keyboard warrior, join us to push this forward! We need you. Fill that form and be a part of the creators of this future!

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