The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime has announced its role alongside the RESPECT founding organizations as the Research Lead focused on the Tech Against Trafficking (TAT) initiative. The team plans to leverage on the full potential of existing technology to help eradicate human trafficking.

The focus areas according of the Wilton Park discussion include the following:

* Cloud and mobile apps to allow first-line responders, the public, and vulnerable workers to raise awareness, access resources, and report concerns, among a wide variety of other solutions.

* Basic hardware, such as laptops and smartphones to be made more easily available by technology providers to NGOs supporting vulnerable groups and victims.

* National helplines that raise awareness, support victims, and serve as hubs of data collection, analysis, and sharing to advance our understanding of and response to slavery.

* Data tools to deal with the problem of data overload that can disable effective responses and to identify connections in the data that would otherwise be missed (e.g. using AI and Big Data).

* Supply chain transparency tools to improve traceability and transparency of supply chain labor standards.


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