Our Founder recently conducted virtual mentoring with 3 amazing young women!

@archycreator – 12-year-old President of ARCHY, an educational outreach organization providing Architectural Design training to youths in Jacksonville, Florida. She is a product developer, a public speaker and an aspiring ARCHITECT. When she wrote to me to ask for guidance and partnership through STEMHub Foundation, I bursted into tears. How can a 12 year old be this awesome? What was I doing with my life at 12? What’s your 12 year old doing with her life? So, I am giving her 3 slots in my mentorship slots. Ha, I will sing her praises to anyone who cares to listen! This one is going places and I mean she is shooting for a place beyond the stars! .


Tolu – A+ through her CGSE, she is 16 years old and she wants to be a Biomedical Engineer. For our first session, Tolu who lives in the UK, stayed up late to talk to the stranger her mom has been telling her about. Sometimes her mom shares our quizzes on here with her and she solves them! She had about 15 questions written down and I had to pass those to qualify to be her mentor. Well, I passed and we have had 2 sessions now. We are now working together to get her that dream of becoming a Biomedical Engineer! She loves design engineering and wants to create! Y’all see why I teach STEM yet? We have design class tomorrow again at RH Hamilton! .

@chimeremnma – the Founder of @wholelifeinitiative that donates books to displaced youths in Northern Nigeria. She wants to open a library for the displaced IDP youths in Abuja. Lord, I am not only proud of her, I will do what I can to mentor, to support, and to sponsor this project! The IDP youths deserve education and we must not just ask the government to do it! We must come together to help them achieve it! .

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