October was a fun and busy month for STEMHub foundation. Take a peek at what we were up to.

October 3: The chemistry and chemical reaction behind slime making doesn’t get old. The youths got to learn about monomers and polymers! Chemical bonds formed when you mix the PVA glue and slime activator together.

October 16:  We trained girls at the  Jean Augustine Center on Graphic Design and the art of creating business cards. The girls enjoyed creating and printing their own business cards. #GirlBoss

October 19: We were at the Augustine Center to teach kids how to draw spaces with Python.  The kids played with colors and created whatever they liked.

October 24:  We were at frontlines to teach the kids how to make slime. The experiment required the children to make slime, using Glue and borax as the activator. The goal of the experiment was to explain polymer chemistry and behavior of non-newtonian fluids, in a fun and interactive way.

High fives to our volunteers, and partners for making October a month of fun and learning for kids.

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