Director, Finance

The Finance Director is a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of STEMHub Foundation. They are primarily responsible for overseeing the financial health of the organization and for review of and action on the board's financial responsibilities.


The Executive Committee approves the Finance Director. The Finance Director serves for three-year renewable terms. The Finance Director may be released by resigning or through action of the Board of Directors or the AGM. The Finance Director shall provide a minimum of two week’s notice to the board in writing upon submitting resignation from the board.

Start Date:


General Duties

The Finance Director is fully informed on organizational matters, prepared for leading board deliberations and decisions on financial matters, including human resources, fundraising etc., and should be able to inform the board of any financial implication of decision the board may take.

  • Develops, or causes to be developed, the annual budget of the organization, and presents the budget to the board of directors for adoption.
  • Assists the strategic planning process for the organization.
  • Acts as a support person and adviser for the Executive Director in financial matters.
  • Understands financial accounting for non-profit organizations. A person possessing a CPA is ideally preferred to hold the Finance Director position.
  • Is responsible to ensure that the board can effectively and appropriately discharge its financial and management oversight responsibilities as required by law and by the policies of the organization.
  • Works with the Executive Director and any other staff with responsibilities regarding bookkeeping and accounting to develop policies and procedures that ensure appropriate day-to-day management of the organization's finances, including timely reporting of financial situations to the board of directors and the completion of the annual audit.
  • Reports regularly on the financial health and the accounts of the organization to the board of directors, and is able to answer, or cause to be answered, any questions that directors may raise during these presentations.
  • Reports, or causes to be reported, the results of the annual audit of the finances of the organization to the AGM and responds to members' questions on the audit and the accounts and financial position of the organization.
  • The Finance Director is expected to contribute at least 10 hours of volunteer time per month to the organization, including regularly attending monthly board meetings, bi-montly organizational meetings, and yearly AGM.


The Finance Director’s performance is evaluated annually based on the performance of the chair and the Executive Committee’s duties and assignments. Evaluations include self-assessments and review by the Board Development Committee. Should the Finance Director be unable to meet any of the duties above the board reserves the right to terminate the position.

Review and Approval Date:

The Board Executive Committee bi-annually reviews the Finance Director position description. Recommended changes are presented to the Board.

Application Process

If you are interested in applying, please email the following to STEMHub Foundation at: . 1-2 page resume and 1-2 page letter of interest which answers the following questions:

  • What is your connection to and involvement with underserved communities such as (BIPOC communities)?
  • Why are you interested in joining the STEMHub Foundation, Board of Directors?
  • What experience and expertise do you feel you could contribute to the Board and Organization in general or in relation to the following strategic areas of Audit and Finance, Legal, Corporate and Government Relations, Human Resources and STEM Program Planning?

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