We are in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0 or I4.0), where technology and industry are undergoing rapid change. The existing mismatch between youth skills and employer needs threatens to become even wider as Industry 4.0 transforms business and jobs faster than workers can adapt.

Our weekly STEM skills development programs (STEMskills) offer weekly, free and hands-on and skill development industry-4.0-focused trainings, webinars and masterclasses to help ensure a high-quality student and highly-competitive graduate output with capabilities that align with national economic needs and professionals within the workforce are Industry-4.0-ready.

STEMskills Goals?

Increase Options

Increase student and professional awareness of the career options available in advanced manufacturing, technology and Industry 4.0.


Provide reskilling or upskilling programs to help participants learn how to make effective use of new technologies and approaches to learning.


Cause people to embrace flexible online courses, and rapidly adopt immersive training using augmented and virtual reality.


Help participants transition from single-task traditional careers (e.g. mechanical engineer) to multitrack careers (e.g. engineer, data analyst, machine learning expert).


Here are testimonials from individuals that attended our StemSkills workshop.

Jeremiah Oiko

“The StemSkills class I attended acted like an eye opener to several Career opportunities and how to get into them like Products Management. It also aided me in getting really familiar with several data analytics tools. I say thank you to Stemhub foundation,”

Chidera Amazu

“My first Session was that of Machine Learning and it helped me understand the concept, as I was confused on if it was the right approach for my master's thesis.”..... “I have some ideas and I feel prepared to take the next step.”

Muhammad Al-Bashir

“STEMHub provides hands-on training and trainers who I still contact whenever I have questions along the line. I can't imagine it all came free because my PluralSight subscription cost me 2-month allowance! If anything, I am more confident going into job market or graduate research. Thanks to STEMHub Foundation.”

Sylvia Ishegbe

“I will never forget how I felt with the digital marketing masterclass with Anjola Salami, it gave me inspiration and a clear sense of direction on where my passion really lies. I have learnt so much in different fields and great improvement is indeed evident in my work. My boss recently said to me ' Sylvia, You are Unique' I'm forever grateful to StemHub for putting this masterclass together.”

Ms Albert

“learned some more online communication and presentation skills and greater business intellect as regards product - market fit.”

Adetosoye Solomon Tosin

“Most tech masterclasses I attended gave me new ideas to leverage my products. It also gave me the tools I need to utilize my skills in getting value.”

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