STEMstars is a yearly mentee‑driven one‑to‑one mentoring program that strategically pairs mentees with mentors based on career needs and goals.Our mentors voluntarily serve as role models, provides skill development advice, risk management, career guidance, share their knowledge, experience, and connection to help our mentees sharpen their skills, get creative and achieve their career goals.

STEMstars’ Purpose

Facilitate the development of an intergenerational mentorship network, which:

  • connects early career engineers and students to engineer mentors;
  • connects engineers across sectors and fields to support and inspire champions; and
  • fosters a community of practice on equity and excellence.

How Does STEMstars Work?

We yearly recruit 50 STEM professionals / mentors with at least 3 years work experience within various STEM careers and fields and match these mentors with 50 appropriate mentees (students or entry level professionals) who can learn from their experiences to develop into highly competitive and successful employees.

Mentees will be in contact with their mentors once per month for one hour. Mentees submit a progress report a week prior to the monthly meetings via email and schedule a meeting with their mentors as convenient for the pair.

STEMHub Foundation ensures that mentors have a meaningful experience engaging with the mentees and get to develop their mentoring skills, mentees learn to effectively build a respectful and empowering mentoring relationship. STEMHub Foundation team conducts quarterly appraisal to examine the relationship and provides ongoing direct support to the pairs who have questions, concerns and minor financial needs


Here are testimonials from individuals that participated in our StemStars workshop.

Maryam Sallam

“The mentorship program has helped me greatly. My mentor has been guiding me in fulfilling my career goals. My mentor was helpful in providing insights for career paths to take and how to utilize online resources for me to determine my interests. I have also improved in networking on LinkedIn, connecting with people with similar interests through informational interviews.”

Aremu Bright

“StemStar Mentor-Mentee initiative has impacted me in several ways such as I: Understand how to prepare a resume and cover letter in Canadian style; Learning how to match my resume with interesting job advert using a Job-scan; Learning how to network with potential employers or any link that can be of help to secure a job; Understand the importance of engaging job agencies; Consciously re-evaluating my career passion. This has helped me to know the relevant professional courses and skills needed to compete and progress in the field.”


“I learnt a lot from the life experiences of my mentor, and I also gained more knowledge about investing, and finances from my mentor.”

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