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Your organization's or company's gift of resources or time will make a difference in the lives of many under-represented and under-served youth.
We need your assistance to ensure that these groups have access to STEM opportunitires. StemHub Foundation invites you to partner with us to increase and promote diversity in STEM careers and reduce the barriers of entry for under-represented groups.
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Interested in helping young people? Join StemHub foundation and make a positive impact on the lives of under-represented and under-served youths. We need individuals that are willing to dedicate their time and energy, to help reduce the barriers to STEM careers for under-represented groups.

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STEMHub Foundation through STEM aims to increase accessibility to practical and quality STEM programs that may be hard to access by underserved or low-income communities within Ontario. We believe that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) exposure and increased scientific and technology literacy will equip Canadian youths to confidently pursue STEM studies and careers. As we expand to providing STEM programs across Canada, we operate majorly as a volunteer based organization with support and direction from our board of directors.

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