Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) help you plan a wedding? In this article, The CTO of Lush Plans, Uchi Uchibeke shows us how AI can help Nigerian couples plan the perfect wedding.

Weddings are one of the most stressful events to plan. Out of 500 recently engaged or newlywed couples who got married in the US, 96% of them admitted that wedding planning is stressful, with almost half of those people using the words “very” or “extremely” to describe it.

Same can be said for Nigerian weddings. For instance, you could spend hours searching for the perfect dress and never find one. Gamble with your selection of a catering service because you’re on a budget and pray the Nigerian jollof rice doesn’t make guests wish they hadn’t missed breakfast.

While wedding planning is no walk in the park, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help make it less stressful. AI has the ability to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings. Let’s show you exactly how AI can help you plan your wedding.

Planning The Perfect Wedding With AI

Artificial intelligence gathers, analyses and ranks millions of data points. Therefore, it can help you find the right vendors for your event based on specific requirements such as price or location.

For instance, if you need a wedding planner in Abuja, all you need to do is tell AI what you need and it’ll present you with a complete list of wedding vendors in Abuja or any city of your choice who can help you plan the perfect event.

Money troubles? No problem. Simply tell AI your budget and it’ll adjust the prices accordingly. Throughout the process, AI monitors the performance of vendors you choose to work with and gives you real-time status updates. So, with AI, you get to plan your wedding with ease. The picture painted above isn’t wishful thinking. AI is real and it’s here to stay. Take a look at Lush Plans.

Lush Plans is a Nigerian wedding planning platform, that makes wedding planning easy for brides and grooms so they can have time for other things.

Powered by AI, Lush Plans takes vendor data, converts them into insights and provides the best event vendor for any event. The platform has over 13,000 Nigerian wedding vendors, so you’ll find the right vendor for your wedding based on your specific requirement.

AI is changing the world and wedding planning is one of the areas it can help us make easier. To find out more about Lush Plans click here.

Uchi Uchibeke is a Tech and Business Leader focusing on Blockchain Software Development and Research, Fullstack Development and redefining the African Events Industry. He is making commerce better for everyone by working as a Software Developer at Shopify and leading the strategic initiatives at Lush Plans. You can reach him on Instagram @iamkinguchi or Facebook Uchi Nick Uchibeke

This post first appeared on Medium and has been edited for clarity.