The International Women’s Day 2022 reminds us of the need to work collectively to ensure gender equality for all. The theme for this year’s celebration, “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”, focuses on the contribution of the female gender to issues of climate change adaptation, mitigation, and building a more sustainable future. 

STEMHub Foundation celebrates the contribution of women and girls around the world towards tackling the climate crisis and building a more sustainable future for all. We call on everyone at all levels to #BreaktheBias of all forms of gender inequalities and stereotypes to enable women to participate equally in economic and social development.

On a day such as today, we join the global community to renew our commitment to ensuring gender equality for a sustainable tomorrow. At STEMHub Foundation, we will continue to work towards achieving gender parity across the STEM sector while smashing one stereotype at a time by supporting women and girls in STEM through scholarships, mentorship, and inclusive STEM programs.

Happy International Women’s Day!