Mentorship and sponsorship

Happy Monday! Let’s talk, the words mentorship and sponsorship get thrown around when we are discussing relationships that help people develop in their careers. For students and early career professionals, the focus is more on finding a mentor and not a sponsor. According to an Harvard Business Review article, Women Are Over-Mentored and Under-Sponsored. Since […]

Mentor Meets Community

Our first “Mentor Meets Community” happened last friday at Frontlines! One of our exemplary and positive role models UchiUchibeke shared his journey as a computer scientist and software developer at Shopify with the youths and engaged them in hands on activities! We are thankful for the privilege to connect Uchi with these youths and can’t […]

STEMstars Mentorship Program Launch

STEMstars Mentorship Program Launch We are excited to announce that our STEMstars program will be launched on the 3rd of December, 2018. This initiative is starting as a pilot program with 40 participants. STEMstars is a mentee-driven mentoring program that strategically pairs mentees with mentors based on career needs and goals. It includes a one-year […]

Virtual Mentoring at @stemhubfoundation

Our Founder recently conducted virtual mentoring with 3 amazing young women! @archycreator – 12-year-old President of ARCHY, an educational outreach organization providing Architectural Design training to youths in Jacksonville, Florida. She is a product developer, a public speaker and an aspiring ARCHITECT. When she wrote to me to ask for guidance and partnership through STEMHub […]