Happy Monday!

Let’s talk, the words mentorship and sponsorship get thrown around when we are discussing relationships that help people develop in their careers. For students and early career professionals, the focus is more on finding a mentor and not a sponsor.

According to an Harvard Business Review article, Women Are Over-Mentored and Under-Sponsored. Since we are familiar with mentoring, let’s talk about sponsoring.

“Sponsoring really is a very targeted thing. It has to do with fighting to get somebody a promotion, mentioning their name in an appointments meeting, and making sure that the person that you’re sponsoring gets the next assignment, promotion and gets visible and developmental assignments.”

Please listen to Carla Harris kill this TED Talk about why you need a sponsor to get ahead at work: .

Now that you have watched this video, what’s your winning currency? do you have a mentor or a sponsor or both? Why did you choose this person? Does your sponsor has a seat at the right tables? Please drop a comment explaining what you would do differently this week or from now on to get yourself a sponsor who has a sit at tables where decisions are being made? #Mentoring #Sponsoring #Promotion