1. Scholarship Title: Lithuania Scholarships for International Students at Kaunas University of Technology 2018 (Scholarships are awarded to study the subjects offered by the university)

Course Level: Full-time bachelor and master degree programme

Application Link: https://admissions.ktu.edu/degree-students/#application

2. Scholarship Title: University of Pretoria,15 Full Scholarships at South Africa, 2018

There are 15 scholarships available.

Course Level: Master’s degree (LLM/MPhil)

Number of Scholarships: 15

Application Link: http://www.chr.up.ac.za/…/llmmphil-sexual-and-reproductive-…

3. Scholarship Title: Spain IBEC Master Fellowships for International Students 2018 2019

Courses: nanomedicine, biophysics, biotechnology, tissue engineering and the applications of health information technology.

Course Level: Masters

Application link: http://www.ibecbarcelona.eu/master) ibecbarcelona.eu/master

4. Scholarship Title: Iuav University of Venice, 36 Scholarships for International Students in Italy, 2018-2019

(University is offering 6 scholarships and 30 tuition fee waivers for high-achieving international students).

Application Deadline: September 24, 2018

Link: http://www.iuav.it/…/FOREIGN-ST/Study-Iuav/Study-Iuav_call_…

5. Scholarship Title: Bond University, Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine Scholarships in Australia, 2018

(Scholarships are open to Australian and international students).

Application Deadline: September 21, 2018

Application Link: https://bond.edu.au/…/faculty-health-sciences-and-medicine-…

6. Scholarship Title: The Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships allow successful applicants to benefit from the expertise provided by member universities in low and middle income countries around the Commonwealth.

Application link: https://www.acu.ac.uk/…/queen-elizabeth-commonwealth-schola…

7. Scholarship Title: AAS/AASF Research Fellowship Awards: 1-year research positions training postgraduate surgeon scientists as they work with the Association for Academic Surgery

Application Deadline: Aug 06, 2018

Application link: https://www.aasurg.org/…/global-surgery-research-fellowshi…/

8. Scholarship Title: Dartmouth University, Geisel School of Medicine(Lebanon, NH)

The MD-PhD program provides medical school tuition deferment (which becomes a full waiver upon completion of the PhD), health insurance and a competitive stipend for its trainees.

Application link: http://geiselmed.dartmouth.edu/mdphd/admissions/faq/#16

9. Scholarship Title: Duke University School of Medicine (Durham, NC)

(All students admitted the to the MST (Medical Scientist Training) Program receive a full fellowship award: tuition; fees; health insurance; and a stipend to cover living expenses).

Application link: https://medschool.duke.edu/…/about-mstp-progr…/financial-aid

10. Scholarship Title: Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Medical Scientist Training Program: MD-PhD.

Matriculating students receive a stipend (currently $28,110/yr) as well as tuition waivers for up to 8 yrs (4 yrs of medical school and 4 years of PhD).

Application Link: https://t.co/TG2ktnthYl?amp=1

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