STEMHub Foundations Celebrates With Jean Augustine Centre 

On February 22nd Jean Augustine Centre for Girls celebrated their 5th year!

As a community partner, STEMHub Foundation was invited to participate in the celebration. It was an honor to celebrate with the ladies of Jean Augustine Centre and listen to Honorable Dr. Jean Augustine the founder of the centre speak about her journey.

Dr. Augustine’s journey started as a teacher who left Grenada in search of a better opportunity through the domestic immigrant program. She was focused on her goals and worked tenaciously to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto and later went on to obtain her Master’s in Education degree

Dr. Augustine worked as a teacher and a principal. She later became the first Black female elected member of parliament in Canada. 

Dr. Augustine’s contributions to social justice issues in Canada are innumerable. Among her notable achievements was her motion designating February as Black History Month

At the event, Dr. Augustine stated that Black History is Canadian History and the more we learn about our neighbors, the better we will understand each other.

Thank you, Dr. Jean Augustine, for all that you have done. We promise to carry the baton forward. 

Written by STEMHub’s Director of Partnership and Programs, Marsha Miller.

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