In the wake of the recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, AhmaudArbery, and so many other black people in the US, STEMHub Foundation stands with the Black community against all forms of racism.

At a time like this, we are further affirmed that our work at STEMHub Foundation, to encourage more blacks to pursue STEM careers, is a necessity. We are aware that our vision cannot be achieved fully without ending the systemic injustices faced by black communities around the world. Therefore, we want to encourage you not to stay silent, to do your best to tackle unconscious biases, and speak up when you see injustice against a person of color.

Lastly, we encourage you to join the conversation, support black-led organizations, have uncomfortable conversations about race, to listen and elevate black voices within and outside your organization. #BlackScientists #BlackEngineers #BlackMathematicians #BlackTechnologists #BlackOutTuesday #BlackLivedMatter

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