Every quarter, we recognize volunteers who have demonstrated a “can do” attitude and the willingness to go above and beyond. We are super thrilled to honor our STEM Program Facilitator, Adefunke Akinola, and Sarbajoy Majumdar-STEM Project Manager as our volunteers of this quarter. 

Adefunke Akinola-STEM Program Facilitator

Adefunke is a STEM Program facilitator and uses her skills to support the IT department and STEMHub Programs. Her favorite part of working with STEMHub Foundation is seeing the excitement in the kids knowing that they can create magic.  She also takes joy in the fact that any of the kids could be the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg and she had a tiny influence in it.

“I would like to congratulate Funke, for her hard work and dedication. She helped in the development of the website and has worked diligently to maintain, upgrade and troubleshoot issues regarding our website making it more user friendly”. Johnson Omeziri-Director Web Management

“We thank you Funke for being  reliable and committed to the vision of STEMHub both as a Facilitator hosting our Virtual classes and as an IT team member”. Marsha Miller-Director, Partnership and Programs

Sarbajoy Majumdar-STEM Project Manager 

Sarbajoy Majumdar is a STEM Project Manager and part of STEMHub Foundation’s Program Planning group.  Sarbajoy’s favorite part of working with STEMHub Foundation is the fact that he is helping youths see various career options that they may not have seen possible for them.

“Sarb has shown great enthusiasm and ownership in working towards helping the youths of the community get experience with STEM education. He has a strong work ethic, infectious energy, and an attitude to get things done. He is passionate in his efforts to uplift youths by bringing his experiences to the table and sharing them with others”.  Says Shubhankar Gandhi, Director of Program Planning

“He has led planning, execution, and facilitation of the coding block of STEMHub’s new 20 for 20 workshop series. He has also been the top contributor in the team and we are very happy to have him part of our Program Planning group”.

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